Welcome to Embodied 4
Life Yoga & Wellness, LLC
Hi there, I am Dr. Jennifer "Jen" Webb, RYT-200 and I am so glad that you
stopped by. I am a clinical health psychologist, wellness equity
researcher and advocate, body image and embodiment expert, and
prenatal Yoga teacher. I have been a Yoga practitioner for almost 20
years and was recently called in the last year during the global pandemic
to become a Yoga teacher to help make the benefits of the practice as
accessible and inclusive as possible to communities and individuals of
diverse and intersecting social identities and locations. I completed my
foundational 200-hour Yoga teacher training through the Integral Yoga
Institute of San Francisco and received my 85-hour prenatal
certification through the Essential Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
program which is aligned with Integral Yoga's philosophical tradition.
I would like to be of particular service in supporting the well-being
of folks during the transformational journey of pregnancy by
offering a compassionate approach to strengthening mindful self-
care, community building, and empowered agency.
I am currently offering complimentary 60-minute online 1-on-1 prenatal Yoga
sessions and plan to begin holding small group online prenatal Yoga classes in May
2022. Pregnant folk who are 18 and older and who are at least 12 weeks along are
welcome to email me for additional information or to book a class with me.
Please e-mail me at: